What is the difference between Jamaican people and black people?

What is the difference between Jamaican people and black people?

Some of my cousins say they are black, jamaican, cuban, and puerto rican. My thing is, what is the difference between blacks and jamaicans. I’m jamaican also, i have Jamaican ancestry. But are jamaicans and black people both africans? Some people say i’m half jamaican, and half black. Isn’t that the same thing? I have jamaican, white, and native american ancestry.

  1. goofygrl413May 16, 2010

    Its not called “Black People” its
    African American

    Their all from different countries/continents

  2. mimiMay 16, 2010

    black – african american(?)
    jamacian- from that island (a white mom and dad can give birth to a son who is WHITE and is born in jamacian, there fore he’s jamacian)
    puerto ricans ahve some white, black and maybe some indian ancestors

  3. Authentic Black AmericanMay 16, 2010

    Black people in the U.S. are not “black people”..Were AMERICANS..We all came as slaves, you got droped off in Jamacia, we got dropped of in America. You have Jamacian ancestry..We have American ancestry..

    And no there are no difference between black people and Jamacians..Jamacians usually are black people..

    EDIT: How the hell do I get thumbs down? Tell me where Im wrong..

  4. Shadow MosesMay 16, 2010

    for the most part, none. The average Jamaican is black. There are Indians, Asians, and Whites in Jamaica, but for the most they’re white. Jamaican basically means a black person from Jamaica. If you’re Asian, or Indian they’ll have to mention like an Indo- Jamaican, same way they call people African American, Asian American, etc that aren’t white

  5. TeddyMay 16, 2010

    Blacks, aside from culture, dialect and geographic location, tend to have a very similar approach and way, whether they’re American, Islander, Afro-Latino or from Africa itself.

    Most Jamaicans are black by the way. And SOME Cubans and Puerto Ricans are black/have black ancestry but not all of them.

  6. Ms-trustmeMay 16, 2010

    Jamaican is a nationality, Black is a race

    Most Jamaicans are black

    Not all black people are Jamaican, varying where they were born

  7. ssMay 16, 2010

    I am with authentic black american

  8. Dispair QueenMay 16, 2010

    First of all, responding to the first person who answered, not all blacks are African American. I’m sick and tired of correcting some of you people. If a black person was born in Jamaica, Barbados or Brazil that does not make them African American!!!!!

    Secondly, responding to the actual question there is no difference between blacks and Jamaicans. “Jamaican” is just a nationality just like American is, while on the other hand black is a race. Ever heard of the black disapora? Well, many people here (Jamaicans) belong to it since most people here are black, despite the fact that there are other races here too.

    I hope that answered your question. Puerto Rican and Cuban aren’t races either, they’re nationalities. Cuba is right beside Jamaica and Puerto Rico on the other hand is right beside Hispaniola.

  9. Moi1990May 16, 2010

    Jamaican people are normally Black. Black Americans and Jamaicans are both of African ancestory, its just that one group were taken to America during slavery, while the other were taken to Jamaica. In England,Jamaican people are just classed as ‘Black’, there is no distinction between them and ‘other’ types of Black people-i thought that was the same everywhere.

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