Fati Niger

Fati Niger

Hausa song
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  1. dwayne9721Sep 13, 2010

    this is races im white and black

  2. zatiiooSep 13, 2010

    Fuckings white people please shut up

  3. Lamucha9514Sep 13, 2010

    i like it

  4. haracantdancenoLieSep 13, 2010

    @hitchino i know rite!|

  5. zoubeinaSep 13, 2010

    fati niger la top

  6. BABARRYeuropeanslaveSep 13, 2010

    no the nigers prove european theores about subharan africa

    theese people where part of babaty ottoman states and where muslim moors that were pirates that even joined the arabs to enslave white europeans and white americans in north africaa

  7. Wasabirock55Sep 13, 2010


  8. MIXEDNASep 13, 2010

    @Wasabirock55 HEY HEY HEY!!! faaaat albert

  9. MIXEDNASep 13, 2010

    autotuned lol

  10. Jamila321BalrajSep 13, 2010

    fati is so preety love this song

  11. pdeedz0234Sep 13, 2010

    The 12 people were nigers

  12. bashaash100Sep 13, 2010

    waaw i cn’t undertand hausa but lyrics lok like somalian but this song is best song thnks maasha-allah

  13. hitchinoSep 13, 2010

    this is so cute!

  14. bouchouraSep 13, 2010

    kiss my ass whitos

  15. Wasabirock55Sep 13, 2010

    Sounds like fat n****r

  16. smokslyboltxSep 14, 2010


  17. sethkenSep 14, 2010

    @papusposte…if you are blogging this post from Africa I will respect you, but I am afraid not. So shut the hell up and enjoy your life in the West. Niger is a a slum.

  18. LaylaNevaGivesSep 14, 2010

    @froggynichole The ‘G’ in Niger is pronounced ‘NIJER’ Allll of you guys are DUMB and ignorant…… NIGGERS !

  19. narutofanz4Sep 14, 2010


  20. abaf2005Sep 14, 2010


  21. papusposteSep 14, 2010

    @afasma Mother f**ker is you who is not educated african people are more educated than you,let me tel you i’am from niger ,niger have more access of the internet and what change does the internet bring to pls what make them happy in their life? the beauty of africa is more than your f**king internet and stupid ideas of what you see the world,we are pure wach this beauty all aroud africa man.i like so much africa and it’s beautyful people peace to africa thanks my syster fati niger

  22. ahmosm2Sep 14, 2010

    Fati your songs are hot don’t understand the language but the tunes a similar and relate alot with our Somali music luv this music

  23. MetaIIica93Sep 14, 2010

    White Nigga

  24. froggynicholeSep 14, 2010

    aha niger aha NIGER holly shit aha!!!!!!!XD

  25. mroli33333Sep 14, 2010

    the bitch is good to be honnest

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