Nelson Mandela Freedom Fighter or Terrorist ?

Nelson Mandela Freedom Fighter or Terrorist ?

Nelson Mandela Madiba did not go to prison for throwing stones in protest.Nelson the ANC terrorist
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  1. 51362879Jul 09, 2010

    @DaSlug32 and all done with Desmond Tutu’s blessing…..

  2. DaSlug32Jul 09, 2010

    Mandela is a duplicitous b*****d. The world ignores the blood he has spilt, and the ANC’s continued campaign of removing white farmers by terror and murder.
    A filthy thing indeed.

  3. RockMuzikaJul 09, 2010


  4. Romansteel13Jul 09, 2010


    Ok so let’s put David duke the grandmaster of the Klu Klux Klan in Jail and 20 years later let’s assimilate him into society with blacks. Are you mentally ill or just a Nazi yourself? PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE, I am a county clerk for a local courtroom and I’ve sent kids as young as 18-25 to prison and they told me to lock them up if I didn’t they would go out and rape and murder again. It’s a vicious cycle which never changes.

  5. Romansteel13Jul 09, 2010

    Only hollywood would make a movie about this monster and glorifying his murderous deeds. Same thing with Che gueverra, only the sewer pipe known as pill-popping hollywood would make a movie about him. THE BOLIVIAN BUTCHER, FUCK YOU STEVEN SODERBERGH YOUR FAMILY ESCAPED HITLERS WRATH, AND HOW DO YOU REPAY AMERICA you stab America’s youth with your propaganda machine known as movies. I loathe commie-pinkos like Sean penn and the hollywood elite.

  6. lt2540Jul 09, 2010

    @lilpac90 Yeah-He thinks he’s black but I saw a documentary about W Smith and how he lives in a big house in Bell Air with his uncle! Hypocryt

  7. lt2540Jul 09, 2010

    @bizzman22 My family are balck and hate Mandela for what he did.

  8. xdr8390Jul 09, 2010

    When Wimpy bars were blown up in London by the IRA it was called terrorism by the BBC and the Brit media-but the Wimpy in Joburg getting blown up in the same decade was freedom fighting or guerilla warfare according to the same BBC and Brit media.What hypocrites.Long Live The Boers!

  9. AugustusAurelianus1Jul 09, 2010

    @fabianoasc – clearly he was a terrorist… We have all been fooled!

  10. scriber3Jul 09, 2010

    this f**ker is living like a king in uk with his 4 th wife, he should f**k out to his africa, murder. disgusting little shit.

  11. beszczelnyJul 09, 2010

    He was a terrorist early, that’s sure, but after 27 years in prison people CAN change. He’s a hero because, despite his terrorist past and hate for white he sustained democratic standards in South Africa and didn’t started a bloodbath nor he become warlord. That’s worth of respect. I think it’s dishonor to compare him to Castro or other commies who never changed and always ecourage hate & seek to destroy their enemies. He’s not Batman or Saint, but he’s a political Superhero.

  12. bizzman22Jul 09, 2010

    Depends on who you’re talking to and whose side youre on :
    1. If youre white, Mandelas a terrorist, Black and he’s a freedom fighter;
    other examples:
    2. William Wallace (Braveheart) is a freedom fighter if youre scottish, a terrorist if youre Anglo;
    you see, it depends on whose side youre on.

  13. heldermJul 09, 2010

    Terrorist for freedom! Thanks Mandela!

  14. lilpac90Jul 09, 2010

    Patrice Lumumba is among my African heroes. And I am of Somalian decent. I always had doubts about Mandela, because every time the media in Norway portray someone as “good”, he/she is 99% of the time the exact opposite. This is because Norway is controlled by the same entity that controls most of the world and it’s corporate media. And now that I think about it Will Smith was also supporting Obama.(0:26)

  15. mirarostodoJul 09, 2010

    Terrorist, period!!!

  16. FreeseseljJul 09, 2010

    Thanks and well done for the video clip. Indeed, this is a video about horrible terrorists, not freedom fighters. The real freedom fighters are Janusz Walos, Clive Derby-Lewis, Eugen de-Kock and others.

  17. alittlebirdnamedevieJul 09, 2010

    Umkumto we Sizwe was formed after the Sharpeville massacre. MASSACRE. School children were shot in the back at a peaceful protest after police opened fire with no warning. MK aimed to destroy powerlines and post offices to cause damage – but not to kill. This clip is bullshit made up by some racist kid. Black South Africans were violently oppressed for years, and a hell of a lot of people died for no reason because of the Afrikaners. You people are pigs.

  18. mielie333Jul 09, 2010

    LOL. The igonrance here is palpable. Thanx madiba we owe you big time

  19. SuncliefJul 09, 2010

    @biblasman No Nelson Mandela instigated necklacing and so did his wife Winnie Mandela. It is you that is ignorant of these facts, it is you that is filled with lies and hate. As for cunts try saying that in front of a mirror next time.

  20. SuncliefJul 09, 2010

    @BallinNQnz At no time during apartheid did the white govement commit any form of war crime or genocide. Your goverment has lied to you and so has your media and they have been doing so for many decades. I know for a fact that the South African security forces killed nearly 600 blacks during apartheid. During the ANC rule they are responsible for more than 4000 deaths of whites.

  21. SuncliefJul 09, 2010

    @BobReidy Goes to show how the media and governments in this world have glorified a terrorist a cold blooded murderer like Mandela who ordered killings from his jail cell. I wonder what would happen if Rhodesia and South Africa (If they were still around) Made a hero out of Osama Bin Laden for he is also a Freedom Fighter fighting against Western Oppression. Mandela should have been hung for high treason.

  22. BobReidyJul 09, 2010

    Mugabe is a murder and power thirsty tyrant.Mandela like Michael Collins in Ireland was a freedom fighter for opressed people.

  23. SuncliefJul 09, 2010

    @BobReidy While you’re at it why don’t you make your buddy Robert Mugabe a saint?

  24. SuncliefJul 09, 2010

    @BallinNQnz Maybe Nelson Mandela is your so called freedom fighter, to me he is terrorist and always will be.

  25. 1floridacrackerJul 09, 2010

    Hindsight is 20/20. The compassion of the white man and the Apartheid government was their downfall. The same effect is happening in the United States with the third world Mexican hoards storming the border.

  26. spgettiOct 08, 2013

    you guys got it all wrong he was forced as the country did not foloow wat he said he wanted people to not be racist he saved democracy how would u like it if only black people could run for precident look at the facts

  27. spgettiOct 08, 2013

    that last part is fake its ffrom 911 and the other one were from bombings by that dude atn the end idiots he only bombed one building which did not kill anyone

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