Ivory Coast – Dance Galore – Aesthetic Booty Dance – Mapouka Mania I

Ivory Coast – Dance Galore – Aesthetic Booty Dance – Mapouka Mania I

Ivory Coast – Dance Galore – Aesthetic Booty Dance – Mapouka Mania I

  1. kakou21karenMay 04, 2010

    @kebasm Madison Wisconsin, and Milwakee have some great Africain dance Org where you can pratice that.; or Google african association that way you gonna have result of what you are looking for.

  2. kebasmMay 04, 2010

    where can I go to see dancing like this? does anyone do this in the USA

  3. Ivorybeauty225May 04, 2010

    treès belle danse traditionnelle!!!

  4. killintymmMay 04, 2010

    can they dance like this naked on the lap

  5. thotsinsMay 04, 2010

    HA! Another good video.

    Nowhere else is the “Bionic-Butt” or “Bionic-hips” mastered but in Africa!

    Love my people!

  6. Renjifo1682May 04, 2010

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  7. dolbyDeaMay 04, 2010

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  8. girigorieMay 04, 2010


  9. snipeaceMay 04, 2010

    Original mapouka tres sexy attirant et a la fois tres respectable paske pas vulgarité gratuite …^^

  10. snipeaceMay 04, 2010

    awesome, superbe, sexy, cooool ^^

  11. oyouwannaMay 04, 2010


  12. colsnake331May 04, 2010

    That’s high energy dancing. By what I’ve observed in the States,shake dancers wouldn’t have lasted 3 minutes doing this.

  13. arsendunMay 04, 2010

    i lv africa

  14. ceboduMay 04, 2010


  15. totaljettMay 04, 2010

    GOD’S BEST CREATION!!!!!!!!!!

  16. flipeta5May 04, 2010

    it´s cool

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