What Percentage of African Heritage does the Average African American Have?

What Percentage of African Heritage does the Average African American Have?

This is just my obervation: Most black people that I see only look like they are perhaps half African and half European. Obama is half black yet he looks the same skin color as most African Americans that I see.

What is the racial make up of most blacks in America?

Why are blacks more likely to be overweight/heavy set with big lips but Africans are tall and skinny with think facial features?

  1. missing in actionMar 02, 2010

    60% of African Americans have some European Ancestry, while 75% have European or Native American ancestry. That leaves 40% with no European Ancestry, 85% with no Native American ancestry and 25% with only African ancestry.

    Earlier, cruder studies, done before direct genetic testing was feasible, suggested that African-Americans were 25 or even 30 percent white, but with data from 25 sites already in, is coming up with 17-18 percent white ancestry among African-Americans. That’s the equivalent of 106 of those 128 of your ancestors from seven generations ago having been Africans and 22 Europeans.

    only about 10 percent of African-Americans are over 50 percent white.

    and black americans are tall, and are not skinny because of the foods in america. africans hardly get any food and the food that they do eat are natural and healthy. facial features of black americans are about the same of west africans which most can trace their ancestors back to.

  2. Dezzy.Mar 02, 2010

    A third of Americans are overweight/heavy set. And since they’re “African Americans” I guess that clears that up. The same reason most European Americans are heavy set/overweight but if you go to Germany, Ireland or France it’s not that way.

  3. lovely black girlMar 02, 2010

    The only way to tell a person’s full genetic make up is to do scientific tests. Since most black people have not done that, my guess is that scientist can only estimate african vs european vs native american genetics in blacks. There are gene in all of us that do not get expressed, meaning that parents pass on genes that you can not see in the way they look. For example 2 light skinned people can have a very dark skinned child as long as both of the parents contain both genes for light skin and dark skin. Just as well as 2 people with brown hair can have a child with red hair if they both contain those genes.

    Many blacks think if they have 1 dark skinned parent and 1 light skinned parent and the child comes out dark, then the dark gene must somehow be stronger or it over took their body. NO NO NO, If both of the parents have genes for light skin and genes for dark skin the child could come out very very light, very very dark or anywhere in the middle. NO one is the same when 2 people are of mixed genes WHICH MOST BLACKS ARE

  4. GerriMar 06, 2010

    It is irresponsible to categorize an entire nation of people as having a single look. Africans are a diverse people with distinct and differing facial features, body structures, and skin tones belonging to myriad tribal groups. By the same token, Black Americans are equally diverse not only as a result of their original genetics out of Africa, but because of their interrelationships between various tribal groups, the offspring produced from the rape of slave women and, bacause of their interracial liasions with white Europeans over the centuries to a greater or lesser degree. All of this intermingling makes for a plethora of sizes, shapes, skin colors, hair textures, and facial features. You would not say that most white Americans are tall or thin or short or fat. Nor would you characterize most as having blond hair or blue eyes. Why then do many find it necessary to put Black Americans or Africans in a particular box? To say that MOST Black Americans are… is intrinsically WRONG!

  5. Dirty GringoOct 30, 2013

    Hey could somebody please present references, pie graphs, genetic test results from random black population or something? Give me something that I can cross reference and find as fact please.

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